With a view of the endless blue!

Summer means relaxing and carefree hours by the sea or the pool, enjoying the Greek colors, this unique combination of the blue shades of the sky and the sea.

In such an environment, in the Alorthos Puri area of ​​the wider Aspus area of ​​Skyros, is Aigaioris, a magical multi-purpose hall with an unobstructed view of the endless blue of the Aegean.


The menu of Aigaioris consists of Mediterranean cuisine with distinct flavors of Italian cuisine, with pizza and delicious pasta dishes to satisfy even the most demanding palates.

The pasta is fresh and handmade and made daily by us.

Our appetizers and salads will harmoniously accompany your main dishes, with fresh meat options.

Aigaioris Skyros
Aigaioris Skyros


Our handmade dough, carefully selected fresh ingredients combined with our stone oven, makes our Pizza look like a delicious trip to traditional Italy.

Options such as the classic Margarita, the spicy Diavola, the completely Italian Arugula – Parmesan, the Tartufata with white cream sauce and truffle paste, the Greca with a traditional Greek flavor, the Pepperoni with a combination of sausages, will not leave anyone complaining.


The handmade juicy burger from Black Angus makes our Burgers a special taste experience.

In Aigaioris or the concept of “junk food” that we are used to describing burgers, it changes level and is upgraded to a gourmet dish.

Enjoy it by the pool, indulge in the view of the Aegean and create memories that will accompany you for a lifetime.

Aigaioris Skyros
Aigaioris Skyros


In the hot hours of the day or in the cool nights, a Cocktail is always the right choice to accompany you.

Our handmade sweets are the best way to take off your palate.

Mille-Feuille with orange cream, Tortino Chocolate a chocolate sphere with ganache and passion fruit patisserie, Banoffee or Tiramisu, will sweeten your moments even more.

Ice creams, crepes, waffles and pancakes complete the sweet temptations.